About us

We are not just a publishing company, but above all, a family that shares love for board games and the unforgettable moments we experience with them. Our games are not only about moving pieces and taking tricks, they are mainly about fostering friendships and epic conversations. 

Our mission is to put together for you a truly delicate selection of games across diverse gaming categories, mechanics,  spectrums of complexity and number of players. In short, we want you to always have the right game at hand, no matter when and with whomever you play!

Picture this: a bustling household brimming with sports, laughter, nature hikes, and, of course, those wonderfully chaotic board game showdowns. In charge (at least they still think so) are Martin and Marie but in fact, eveything is run by three little tasmanian devils—Richard, Artur, and Marianna—who prove that age is just a number when it comes to outwitting opponents. 

But wait, there's more! Our merry pack wouldn't be complete without our two furry gaming connoisseurs—Tom and Chase. These hounds have mastered the art of rolling dice (or at least chasing them) and bring a whole new meaning to the term "pawsitively competitive."